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    The Manure Monster®

    Manure Separation and Dewatering System

      We manufacture the Manure Monster® line of manure separation equipment for the dairy industry.

    Got Manure?

      This Manure Monster® is shown operating on the Ben Mendonca family dairy
      in Tulare, California.
      • 950 head herd - 500 heifers
      • Flush system, 5 times per day
      • Slope screen over the Manure Monster®
      • Over 1,000 gpm on the slope screen
      • Operates year-round, 10 hours per day
      • Solids are dried and re-used for bedding


      The Manure Monster® dewatering system is simple in its design. The direct drive auger
      means no belts, chains or sprockets to maintain. All stainless steel construction
      means long service under a variety of conditions. Low horsepower means less energy
      used and lower operating costs.

      The Manure Monster® has a 300 gallon hopper for loading and an optional pump lid.
      The elevated tube design helps maintain plug. The amount of through-put varies with
      the type of bedding and feed concentration, but can range from 25 to 100 gpm.

      You can increase capacity by installing a second Manure Monster®.

      A vibrating screen unit, in proto-type right now, teamed with the Manure Monster®
      will work efficiently in dairies with flush systems.


      Dimensions: 48 inches wide, 91 inches high, 131inches long
      Power Requirements: 240/480, 3 phase
      Horsepower and RPM's: 5 or 10 hp models with 15 or 30 rpm's
      Construction: Stainless steel with carbon steel auger
      Customization: Customize to your specific operation.

      Why Separate?

        Reasons to Separate the Liquid, Manure and Bedding
        Coming Out of Your Barns

        Separation makes both the liquids and solids easier and
        more economical to handle.
        Separation allows year-round stacking of manure.
        It greatly reduces water run-off from stacked solids.
        You can use your center pivot irrigation system
        instead of renting high priced manure pumps or other equipment.
        You can reuse the water to flush your barns.
        The solids become easier to haul to the field.
        You reduce the solid build-up in your lagoon, minimizing
        the costs of maintaining your lagoon.
        Separation can help make your lagoon more "neighbor friendly".
        The separated solids can be composed so you can re-use
        the solids for bedding and have a value-added product to
        market off the farm.

          "Its simplicity of design, favorable initial cost and ease of operation made the buying
          decision easy." (South Dakota customer)

          "Our Manure Monster® is very efficient and affordable. It's simple yet highly effective in
          removing solids from liquid manure, then dewatering the solids, all in one step. We stack
          the solids twenty feet high and it greatly reduces water run-off from the stack.

          The Manure Monster® can be adapted to almost any separation process you use."
          (California customer Alvin Mendonca - Phone: 559.799.1144) *

          *At present, we have five units operating in the Tulare, California Area.

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